Energy Audit

What is Home Performance with Energy Star?  And why do you need it?

The program is Home Performance with Energy Star, this is designed as a “load” reduction program.  Our board of public utilities had determined years ago that New Jersey was in an energy crisis.  We could not generate enough electricity to power the residents and businesses adequately so something had to be done.  No one in the state wanted to put another power plant up, not to mention the cost and the communities fighting to keep it out of their town!  Even if we did get another power plant our infrastructure in the state could not support it, again more cost upgrading and not getting to the root of the cause, our consumption.  Enter Home Performance with Energy Star, a program designed to reduce energy consumption that occurs in your home, which means the power plants do not require to generate as much power, we reduce our carbon emissions and most importantly you save money!

Home Performance is a “whole house” approach, we address not only your heating & cooling systems but also your insulation and indoor air quality.  New Jersey recognized that simply recommending these improvements is not enough, there needs to be an incentive!  New Jersey has long been a pioneer in this department, if your home reaches a 25% energy reduction, you qualify for a $4,000 rebate and a $10,000 loan @ 0% for 7 years or a $15,000 loan @ 4.99% over 10 years.  This means that you as a the customer has up to $19,000 to upgrade your heating, cooling, water heater, air sealing and insulation without paying anything up front out of your pocket!  Sounds too good to be true but in reality it isn’t, it’s simple and is the best program New Jersey has ever run. 

What’s the next step?  You need an Energy Audit, Mid-State provides this service at no charge to you.  We will come out to your home and analyze the various “systems” of your home, take this information and put together a package for you based on your needs and the requirements of the program.  Need or want the financing, we will go through your options with the various providers and guide you through the process.  Our auditors are well versed in all the facets of the program and have years of experience working in this program.  Call us today to take advantage of this amazing program or fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly.



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