About Us

DlrStatHOwnr1Service is the one key ingredient to Mid-State’s success in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning business. The company employs state-of-the-art software from Service Automation Systems which is was specifically developed for the heating and air conditioning industry. The system dispatches all the service, management and foremen’s vehicles in conjunction with our global positioning system installed in every truck and cell phone communication. Our GPS system is utilized to accurately track vehicle locations and movements in an effort to get our service trucks to your home faster!

Our engineering design and analysis program can perform cooling and heating load estimates, duct and piping design and equipment selection. With the advent of the Home Performance program in New Jersey, Mid-State has expanded its services to include insulation and air sealing services as well as enhanced energy audits.

The Mid-State corporate philosophy has withstood the test of time; provide quality workmanship and dedicate everyone within the company to keeping the customers satisfied and all the rest will fall into place.